Delta Cubes!

So maybe you're a fan of Community and have seen the latest episode, featuring Abed's frat - the Delta Cubes. Inspired by the classic college trope, of course. It's Abed.

After watching the episode, I couldn't find a decent tee online so I took it upon myself to recreate the graphic and get a shirt up at Redbubble. I'm a GIMP and Inkscape user. I'm also terrible at the visual arts and can't draw. So, the Delta Cubes logo. Recreated by yours truly to my exacting standards, because none of the others I found online were quite good enough. I took the time to make sure I got the proportions roughly accurate - the triangle is approximately the same size as in the show, and the bottom of the triangle roughly lines up with the elbow, again true to form. The cube was difficult; I don't think I got the exact rotation/aspect but it's close. Line widths again, attention was paid - the line width of the triangle is thicker then that of the cube itself.

In summary, I'm no Adam Savage but I gave it a shot. Find the svg here for your amusement. You'll quickly see I'm a bit of a sneak and all is not as it seems. Use as you will. Delta Cubes will never die!