Adventures in E-Waste: Rear Projection TV

E-waste is one of the best ways to scavenge components. Over the years we've been lucky enough to find fax machines, boomboxes, joysticks, and all manner of other interesting "junk". Sometimes we've even found stuff in fully working condition! IMG_20130415_124920

We went out on a search for E-waste in the local and not-so-local area and turned up a Samsung rear-projection TV, as well as a couple old stereos, and hundreds of CRT TVs with not only their copper but also their entire circuity taken (no idea why?).

We gutted the TV for its wiring and speakers, and grabbed a couple of cool light sensors at the edges of the display which help with auto-alignment. It's not quite apparent what sort of sensor these are; they appear to be a small phototransistor with 5V, GND, and S-Out pins.

As you can see there are large curved coloured filters - red, green and blue. We removed one of these, at which point moderately toxic glycol began to spill everywhere. In the interests of safety we put the filter back and decided to dump the television at the nearest Television Recycling Area.

Finally, being a TV, it wasn't full of fantastic useful parts like nice value resistors, capacitors and diodes, especially due to the largely surface-mount logic boards (most of which were missing). Also, the specialised stacked RCA and other input connectors are largely useless too. Stereos are often much tastier finds due to their audio circuitry, simpler design, and abundance of useful passives. So, finishing up, we removed the large lenses and, after a wash, used them for the only thing we could think of.

We're keeping our eyes peeled for more finds. We've recently scrapped a large stereo and have our eyes on a couple more TVs, regular CRTs this time. If we find anything worth posting about, we'll be sure to tear it down for the blog. If you have anything you'd like to see or send us, shoot us a comment below!