Kramer Restoration - Part 4 - Completion!

So after the final coats of paint and clear coat, a good few hours of polishing, and the final fitting of the custom pick guard and hardware, the Kramer is finished! It's been a long road but the results, I feel, were well worth it. kramer1

The finish came out quite well, being nice and shiny. Much was learned in the process - patience and good quality fine-grit sand paper is required if you're going to beat the orange peel on your paint job.


I've taken the guitar out for its first show recently, and it plays decently. The look is fantastic, but it could use some work. The intonation is difficult at the moment, with some issues of the lower frets on the E and A string refusing to be in tune despite the rest of the fretboard being well in tune. Further modifcation down the track may involve a pickup replacement for the neck and bridge positions, and relocation of the tailpiece further back to enable a small single-coil to be placed behind the bridge, in order to pick up those jangly Sonic Youth-esque behind the bridge tones all the better. This would also be a chance to build a better custom tailpiece and probably improve intonation further. I feel this project will continue rolling on further.