Guitar Mod - Joshua Calligeros - Sincerely, Grizzly

vlcsnap-2014-10-21-10h22m06s94In September, Josh (Sincerely, Grizzly) came to us with a Jazzmaster and an idea - a guitar-mounted microphone, activated by an arcade button. We made it happen. Check out the video below. Josh's Jazzmaster has had a couple of subtle mods already. Like many others, Josh found his sound with the Jazzmaster and didn't want to mess with it. The stock switches have been removed, leaving plenty of space in the body. A Fender Bullet neck replaced the damaged original, and a Mastery bridge improves upon the "vintage" Fender item which has issues with string skip when you play like you mean it.

This was a relatively straightforward build electronically (watch out for impedance, kids!),  but required some careful thought about the placement of controls.  could be removed to make space for the mic and arcade button - a gloriously vintage way to activate the mic for screaming goodness.