How did Grav Corp start?

It all began in Adelaide, in 2012. After becoming bored with what was already on the market, we started to develop for ourselves. What began as a small guitar project blossomed into a group of new audio product designs, a line of T-shirts... and so much more. We're enjoying the ride as we bring each new product to fruition. 


Where can I get my hands on Grav Corp gear?

Your first stop would be the Grav Corp store! We ship internationally and love to see our products finding their way all across the globe. We're also always on the lookout for new retailers to carry our gear. If you want our stuff on your shelves, get in touch.

I've got a great idea for a modded guitar/pedal/space rocket. Can Grav Corp build it for me?

We love to take on custom jobs. It's where we get to work with our customers and be truly creative.  Our passions and abilities lean us towards taking on projects from customers looking for something unique, exotic, and often heavily electronic. If you've got a crazy idea, drop us a line.

I'd just like to chat, about stuff, you know?

Sure! Head on over to our Contact page.