The Grav-A

The Grav-A is a highly versatile distortion pedal with a wide range of tones available, and is hand built in our workshop in Adelaide. Three clipping modes and a two-stage tone control allow the GRAV-A to be used with a wide range of guitars and even bass, with huge tonal possibilities. 

The Grav-A tee

The Grav-A tee, inspired by the pedal bearing its name. Show your support for grassroots distortion and dynamic fuzz. Looks great on stage or at the skate park. Awesome out in the surf and sand.

Screenprinted in Adelaide, just near the beach.


These days, there's a lot of choice out there. Scratchpad gear like the KORG volcas, Teenage Engineering's Pocket Operators, and iPad music apps all offer fun new ways to create music. But it's often hard to use them together. We found ourselves ending up with a mess of patch cables tied into bulky traditional mixers, and were having more headaches than fun.

This is where the gMIX comes in. It's a four-channel, all-stereo mixer that runs without batteries. It features four 3.5mm stereo jacks, which you can use to plug in just about any modern electronics with a headphone output. Volcas, iPads, KAOSS pads, just about anything you can imagine. You can even DJ with four iPods with this beast. You get a volume control on each channel and it all gets sent to a single 3.5mm stereo output. Easy, right?

Available both bareboard and in heavy-duty aluminium case versions.